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We focus on exercise, socialization, and fulfillment for your dogs.  This helps create a healthy animal with a balanced frame of mind.  In this state of well-being your dog is more receptive to your training.  We work on correcting unwanted behavior, but we do not train your dog.  At all times we practice good behavior and reinforce your obedience training.

If you have a new dog, please, enroll in an obedience class. Pay attention to what you are communicating to your dog. Practice commands with your dog every day.

If you have a dog that want's to bite other dogs, we can help you.

If you have a dog that destroys the house, we can help you.

If you have a dog that is scared, we can help you.

If you have a dog that bites people, they probably deserve it !

If you have a dog that pulls on his leash, it's because you're not  going fast enough.

action 007(1).jpg

When you're on a 4 mile run, it's a blessing to have a few streets to cross.


Emily and Roxy have only met each other a couple of times, and Angus just met both of them this day.  Still, we sit and wait patiently 'til we're given the OK to cross.


Happy and Buddy's mom trained them very well. Here they're actually yelling at me to get out of the street!


AJ subdues his urge to bark at and chase bicycles, and learns to remain calm around them.

Rusty,Sunnyboy and Lilly 2 15 08(1).JPG

Sonny and Lilly are really good, but Rusty still needs to work on her responsiveness to other dogs we run into when we're out and about.


Bubba and Danny may not understand "sit", but they do know that we don't cross the street 'til Aaron says, "Let's go."

Please take the time to visit our other pages to see how we build happy, healthy relationships.