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Paco's Story

Hi, I'm Paco.  As a young Huskiweiller, I had a pretty normal life.  I have loving humans who tried to do what was best for me.  They took me to training classes.  I got to be around other dogs and learn good manners.  Then, when I was seven months old, on a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood with my human and her brother-in-law, minding our own business, two little yip-yap dogs came running at us yippin' and yappin', and yippin' and yappin'.  Never having looked in the mirror before, I thought they were going to kill us.  I tried to defend us, but the humans struggled to pull me away.  The "gentle leader" I was wearing cinched tightly around my snout.  My front paws came off the ground.  And the yipping and yapping continued.  And the humans were screaming.  "Get your dog!"  "Oh, my dog won't hurt you." " Call your dog!" "Oh, my dog won't hurt you."

Well, guess what!  Your dog sure hurt Paco!  For two years, poor Paco has been scared to death of other dogs.  And to make sure they don't come near him, he shows them just how mean he can be.

Once Paco showed aggression in class, he was kicked out.  To put it very nicely, they weren't interested in helping Paco anymore.

Paco's human found another trainer.  He was nice and wanted to help Paco, but Paco had to take sedatives and wear a muzzle.  After five months, there was no change in Paco.

Finally, Paco said to me, "Aaron, you know me.  You understand me.  I don't need drugs.  I don't need hot dogs.  I hate my 'gentle leader'.  I hate my muzzle.  They both remind me of when those little yip-yaps attacked me and I was never able to defend myself.  Show me that I don't have to be afraid of other dogs."

So, we started doing things our own way.  It's slow going, 'cause we don't have a psychology center with a pack of therapists yet. So, we meet only dogs whose humans are willing to take on the challenge.

Our first friend, Zuma, we don't have a picture of, and I don't think her human get's home from work to make it to the park before dark right now.  But here are the others we've met so far.

Click on the underlined links below the pictures to see more of our experiences.


Paco says,"Aaron, I love you so much.  I still can't believe I can sit here next to another dog, not plagued by the fear I had, and without any urge to rip Lightning's head off.  You have given me a life I never thought I would be able to experience!"

Paco and Lightning


Paco sits with his new friend, Ben.

Paco and Ben


"If you use this picture, I'll bite your ankle!" exclaims Beans.

Paco and Beans


"I'm so glad you realized that I'm not a stuffed toy!" Palermo sighs with relief.

Paco and Palermo


Rusty and Paco. This is the beginning of a big step for Paco.  Rusty is the first of three dogs who live in the same house that Paco will meet. Then we will see how he does with all three. Then we will bring Paco's squirmy roommate Chili into the picture. Thank You Mike and Nancy for providing this opportunity to Paco!

Paco and Rusty


Lilly and Paco hit it right off.  Besides the fact that Lilly's a girl, I think Paco was a lot more comfortable and trusting since he had already met a dog successfully at this house.

Paco and Lilly


Since Paco was in such a good mood, I decided to bring out Sunny.  I expected a little more tension since Sunny is a boy. There really wasn't much, though.  I'm looking forward to a successful meeting as a group next time.

Paco and Sunny


About 5 minutes ago, we were all screaming at each other at the top of our lungs.  Look at how long Chili's tongue is !

Paco, Chili, and Rusty