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Bring A Buddy


Bring A Buddy

Bring A Buddy is one of the many ways A Dog's Life leads the pack in the dog exercising world.  It is a "win-win-win solution", and is the most rewarding part of my job.  When we bring two or more beautiful animals together for some vigorous exercise and play, and see the fulfillment it brings, we know we are doing what is right and good.  When we are able to offer rates to their humans that no one, anywhere can even come close to, we know we are doing what is right and good. And when it allows us to put a little more - than our unheard of, regular low rates - into our own pockets, well, that's just the icing on the cake, baby!  Please see our Services/Rates page.

Wherever you see dogs names with underlines, you can find more pictures of them.



Max, Geddy, "Mini"-Max, Izzie, and Lucca.  Max, Izzie, and Lucca live together, and are joined by "Mini"-Max(isn't that funny, they look identical, but it's kinda confusing when I talk to them), and Geddy.  We get about an hour of exercise at rates I can't disclose for fear of execution by the Dog Walking Mafia.


Dillon pulls me and Modock along.  Try to find a 30-minute workout for your dog for $9.  You can't !

Modock and Dillon


Angus, Emy, and Roxy. Three Dog Houses (households), one hour of exercise for $10!

Emy, Angus, and Roxy


Jimmy and Bodhi, on their way to pick up Modock.

Modock, Bodhi, and Jimmy


The smell is definitely coming from right here! (Modock, Tucker, and Molly)


Your Dogs Here


Whenever we can, we provide longer walks for your dogs by bringing them together with friends in their neighborhoods.  Above, Doobie walks with Jimmy, and below, with Modock, and Geddy.


Doobie and Modock.


Doobie and Geddy.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Cleo and Modock wrestle at the Dog Park in Camarillo.