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pics 114(1).jpg               08/19/2008     5 Star Rating - World class
When we first started the search for a dog-walker, luckily Aaron was our first call, and after meeting him - he was our ONLY call. It was obvious to us right away that no one could do a better job than him.

He is one of those people you meet who "gets it". he truly loves and understands dogs and he definitely knows how to help them grow to be well-balanced & happy dogs. He's excellent with teaching & helping Ringo, (and even helping Ringo get over his neurotic fear of skateboards!) Ringo is always so happy afterwards. He just loves Aaron.

Aaron also has a genuine level of integrity & responsibility, which is of course extremely important to anyone. He's down to earth and a super cool guy. and his reliability is top-notch.
(his daily notes from "A Dogs Life" that he leaves after visiting are great too, we always get a kick out of them.)

Thanks Aaron, you're the best!

- Tim, Tina & Ringo



 A LifeSaver for us and our crazy Beagle!  5 Star Rating - World class

Aaron is one of the most incredible, responsible people I would ever entrust with our Beagle, Bailey. He was great with our "high maintenance" baby, making sure to follow all of his routines, providing love and attention, and administering medicine twice a day. We couldn't go anywhere overnight for over two years without Bailey, until we found Aaron. I was so nervous to leave, but Aaron made it stressless. Even when our plane got stuck in Chicago and we were stuck another night away from home, we called Aaron that night and he went back over to spend another evening with Bailey until we got home a day later. He made the whole process so easy, I would recommend him a thousand times over!

Alexa, Jon-Mark, and Bailey

pics 169(2).jpg


After rescuing Mojo from a local shelter we decided we needed a dog walker to help relieve him of his afternoon energy. From day one Aaron has been dependable and reliable. Aaron is everything we could have ever hoped for! Our neighbors see Aaron and Mojo walking the neighborhood every afternoon and they tell me how happy Mojo looks. They always comment on how well Aaron treats Mojo. We especially love Aaron's daily notes about his time with Mojo. We would highly recommend A Dogs Life! 

Aysa & Richard, Mojo, Gus, and Jack

emytest.jpg 11/12/2007

As I sit here, it is hard to remember when I did not have Aaron of A Dog's Life walking my sweet Emily dog. About two years ago, I was wishing I knew some wonderful dog-loving person to walk Emily when I was away at work. But where would I find someone? They would need to be special for me to be able to entrust the care of my dear black lab, Emily. Emily is a rescue, I am her 5th home, and with a dog with a bumpy past sometimes comes issues. While Emily has a sweet heart, she was also dog agressive. Not only did I need a loving, kind, fun dog walker, I also needed someone that had the skill to handle a dog with agression issues. Like a miracle, one day I found a flyer on my front door for A Dog's Life. The flyer said that Aaron would be happy to come and meet me and Emily and even take Emily for a free walk! Perfect timing. Aaron began walking Emily that very week. I had hoped for a kind loving dog walker, but what I found was far more. Aaron not only walked Emily, he also worked with her on her dog agression and her mannors. She now has many dog friends and even WALKS OFF LEASH! Once I had Aaron walking Emily, I then became comfortable with going on weekends away and having A Dog's Life take care of Emily with a "sleep over". I also have a calico cat and an amazon parrot. A Dog's Life can take care of them too. A Dog's Life makes my life easier and my pet family happier. Aaron is the person I wished I could find two years ago. I can not imagine our lives now without A Dog's Life. A Dog's Life gets 5 stars!

Julie, Emy, Missy, and Buddy

Thor's Peaktest.JPG 08/31/2007

I am very careful about who I let care for Thor on those occasions we need someone to maintain Thor's daily exercise schedule or take care of him while I'm away. Aaron is responsible, reliable and compassionate and Thor loves playing and exercising with him. He has earned my trust. I don't give five star reviews unless they're deserved and Aaron deserves all five.

Basim and Thor

rlncross.jpg 05/23/2007

A dogs life makes my life easier: Aaron is the best. My dogs love him, probably more than me. He takes all 3 of my dogs for a run 3x a week. He is reliable and my dogs best friend. I highly recommend him for all you pet needs.

Robin, Ringo, Lightning, and Naala

happy & buddy wp.jpg 04/12/2007

Best care anywhere!: Aaron really cares about the wellfare of my dogs. He always surprises me with the extra steps he takes to make certain they are happy and healthy. When my dogs are with Aaron, I know NOTHING bad is going to happen to them. I am so glad I found him.

Teri, Happy, and Buddy

b&dtest.jpg 03/21/2007

The best dog service around! I have used dog walking/sitting services in the past, and after moving to Camarillo, I found A Dog's Life to care for my two dogs. While traveling, Aaron has stayed with my dogs for as long as 2 weeks. When I came back, my dogs were happy, well cared for, and doing really well. My busy work schedule requires me to be gone frequently, and when not travelling, Aaron comes by several times a week for walking service. Aaron has been the best pet sitting/walking service I have ever used.

Jennifer, Bubba, and Danny