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Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Click on the underlined links below the pictures to see more of our experiences.

The Dogs here are from different households.  We've brought them together for various reasons - to help each other, to help their humans save money, just to have fun - but more basically because its the right thing to do.  We've left Sadie and Emy's original story intact to help us remember where we come from.

These photos of Emy and Sadie (below) exemplify what A Dog's Life is all about.  Sadie and Emy live a couple blocks away from each other in a cozy little neighborhood, but prob'ly never would've met.  Both owners found A Dog's Life to relieve and exercise their dogs during the day while they were at work.  We introduced Sadie and Emy, combined their individual walks into a full hour of serious exercise and a lot of fun!

I'm so glad they met each other!


Click on the link below our picture and the others to see our full picture story, and the happiness Aaron brings into our lives, and thus, the world.

Sadie and Emy


Geddy, coming from the shelter, needed a lot of reassurance in his new home.  He would roll over and just lie there after you put his leash on.  Max (above) and Izzie (below) help give him that reassurance and make him feel comfortable.  Click on the links to watch what happens!

Geddy and Max


Danny helps me take Mojo out for potty-break.


Paco says,"Aaron, I love you so much.  I still can't believe I can sit here next to another dog, not plagued by the fear I had, and without any urge to rip Lightning's head off.  You have given me a life I never thought I would be able to experience!"  See more of Paco on our Aggression page.

Paco and Lightning


Paco sits with his new friend, Ben.  See more of Paco on our Aggression page.

Paco and Ben


"Aaron is just like one of us.  He likes to do the things we like to do.  We love and respect him.  When we first got together, we just wanted to fight.  Aaron showed us that we could all run together and have fun, and while its not that important, save our humans some money, too!"  See more of Rusty and others on our Socialization page.

Ringo, Lightning, and Rusty


After the faster dogs run, Sonny and Naala enjoy a less intense sniff around the neighborhood.


Emy helps Danny understand the concept of "sit".


Max plays while staying over at Elvis' house.


"Aaron, he's lost and hot and thirsty, let's help him!", says Happy, referring to our giant yellow friend who wandered up to us at the park.


"I'll hold him!" Buddy tells Toby.  Click on our link below to see more fun and practice walking nicely.

Cleo, Buddy, and Toby